About us

Majewski Recycling was set up in 2006. Since then, it has been growing in order to meet our clients’ needs. Our organization is dealing with the purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We systematically analyse the scrap metal market that helps us to provide personalised service suited to the needs of each individual client. Our main priority is to increase the number of suppliers. We want to develop an optimal market position due to hard work, fairness and responsibility in our relations with the customers and for this reason we are perceived as a reliable partner in business.

We provide excellent customer service due to qualified team with an experience in scrap metal management services.

You are very welcome to use our services!


Offer to purchase

Offer to purchase

We collect the following types of scrap metal:

v Aluminium profiles – pure and lacquered

v Energy aluminium, in the form of thick wires

v Aluminium wheels (alloy wheels)

v Acid-proof stainless steel

v The offset printing plates

v Aluminium in the food industry

v Die-cast aluminium (engine blocks, engine housing)

v Ductile aluminium

v Batteries

v Sheathed cables

v Copper, brass, bronze

v Steel scrap

Services for business

Terms and conditions we offer:

v excellent and efficient customer support

v reliable classification of scrap metal

v our own transport, which increases the flexibility and mobility of cooperation

v the best rates based on the current situation on the scrap metal market

v payment in accordance with the previous arrangements, timeliness of payments, contract completion guarantee

v possibility of providing specialized containers, with a capacity of up to 10 tons, or smaller containers

v we have all the approvals required to run a scrap metal collection point